Don’t Let Cicada’s Ruin Your Summer

Pest control services in Marion, Cedar Rapids, and the surrounding areas

Here at Quality Pest Control we take pride in providing you pest control services throughout the year for pest problems you are experiencing at that time. During different months of the year we see spikes in different types of pests. In the summer months Marion, Cedar Rapids, and the surrounding areas see a dramatic increase in cicadas.

North American has hundreds of different types of cicadas. Not all types of cicadas can be treated the same, so it is important that you contact a pest control expert if you have a cicada infestation.

Marion and Cedar Rapids specifically has a high number of cicada killer wasps. This particular type of cicada tends to sting and can definitely put a damper on your outside plans.

If you have seen an increase in cicadas on your property then call our pest control company today to schedule an appointment, (319) 373 -1929!