Stop Getting Bitten by Mosquitoes

Stop Getting Bitten by Mosquitoes

Get effective mosquito removal services from a reliable company in Marion, IA

Do you get covered in itching, red mosquito bites every time you go outside? Take back your yard with the help of Quality Pest Control. We offer mosquito removal services in in Marion, IA. Let our pest control company take care of your mosquito problem for good.

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Find out how to prevent a mosquito infestation

A mosquito infestation is an irritating and disgusting problem. Luckily, there are ways to prevent mosquito infestations.

Keep mosquitoes away from your home or business by:

  • Emptying containers of still water
  • Clearing clogged gutters to prevent water accumulation
  • Watering your lawn carefully to avoid creating puddles
  • Sealing entrances to your building
  • Using mosquito repellant around your property

If an infestation does occur, we’ll be happy to help you take care of it. Contact us whenever you need mosquito removal services.