The Terror of Termites

Have your home inspected in the Marion, IA area including Cedar Rapids

Even though they’re constantly eating, termite damage can go undetected for months. Having routine inspections done at your home can get you in front of any problems before they become too severe. The experienced exterminators of Quality Pest Control, Inc. know which signs to look for when it comes to termite damage and how to remove any potential problems. Call 319-373-1929 to schedule a termite inspection today.

3 ways to prevent termite infestations

Did you know most insurance plans don’t cover termite damage? While homeowners typically find out about termites after the damage is already done, there are some things you can do to help prevent an infestation:

Minimize pools of water around the base of your home
Trim overgrown plants around your house
Remove any old boards or roots from your property

While our professionals can take care of termite removal and treatments, the best offense is a good defense. Contact Quality Pest Control, Inc. if you suspect termite damage at your Marion or Cedar Rapids, IA home.